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Swollen Legs

Swollen legs occur due to the excess accumulation of the fluids tissues in the legs. It is advisable to see your doctor if you realize swelling of your legs. The doctor will tell you the exact problem that may have caused the swollen legs. It is important because the swollen leg may require urgent attention and for you to seek treatment. Some of the symptoms associated with swollen legs can be leg pain, itching, redness, difficulty in breathing among others. Some swelling may occur due to unknown reasons but are rare. Here are some of the causes of swollen legs.

Heart Attack

When the right ventricle starts to fail, the fluids will start to accumulate. The heart will slowly pump blood, and therefore the fluids will start to build up slowly causing the edema. Less oxygen circulation will also cause the swollen legs. When the blood fails to circulate well, it may cause blood clotting in the legs making the legs to swell. If you also feel that your shoes ate becoming tight, your legs could be retaining water.To reduce the build-up limit amount of salt in your diet, drink less water.


 women holding her tummyThis applies to mothers. It is most common in pregnant women. This is because of extra blood and fluids to support child’s development. It is normal. Also due to additional weight that may affect the flow and the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. Some women may not experience this. To avoid this avoid high heels. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes, wear a lose clothe s and elevate your feet when sleeping.

Sitting for a Longer Period

When your body is not active or in motion, it will be difficult for your body to circulate oxygen and also the heart will not circulate blood faster and therefore more retention of fluid will be experienced in the legs. Most people who travel a long distance and who sit in their offices for a long time are likely to feel their legs swollen.

Over Weight

Many fats in the body will lead to excess weight gain. Being overweight can worsen the situation In your legs. Weight gain will reduce the size of the blood vessel that is used for blood circulation. Also some people especially obese people may even end up finding that their arteries are blocked. These problems can cause the swelling of their legs due to lack of sufficient flow of blood making fluids to be retained in their legs.


Some of the medication changes such as anti-inflammation, amlodipine, naproxen, oral contraceptives among others may cause the swelling of the legs. When you are under medication and find that swelling occurs in your legs, never worry because you will know that medication might be the cause. Most patients complain about the lower extremity edema.


When your leg swells manageable. Most people are encouraged to drink eight glasses per day to allow flush the body and reduce water being retained in the body. Also, use cold compressor on the affected area to ease the swelling effect.


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