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Swollen Legs

Swollen legs occur due to the excess accumulation of the fluids tissues in the legs. It is advisable to see your doctor if you realize swelling of your legs. The doctor will tell you the exact problem that may have caused the swollen legs. It is important because the swollen leg may require urgent attention and for you to seek treatment. Some of the symptoms associated with swollen legs can be leg pain, itching, redness, difficulty in breathing among others. Some swelling may occur due to unknown reasons but are rare. Here are some of the causes of swollen legs.

Heart Attack

When the right ventricle starts to fail, the fluids will start to accumulate. The heart will slowly pump blood, and therefore the fluids will start to build up slowly causing the edema. Less oxygen circulation will also cause the swollen legs. When the blood fails to circulate well, it may cause blood clotting in the legs making the legs to swell. If you also feel that your shoes ate becoming tight, your legs could be retaining water.To reduce the build-up limit amount of salt in your diet, drink less water.


 women holding her tummyThis applies to mothers. It is most common in pregnant women. This is because of extra blood and fluids to support child’s development. It is normal. Also due to additional weight that may affect the flow and the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. Some women may not experience this. To avoid this avoid high heels. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes, wear a lose clothe s and elevate your feet when sleeping.

Sitting for a Longer Period

When your body is not active or in motion, it will be difficult for your body to circulate oxygen and also the heart will not circulate blood faster and therefore more retention of fluid will be experienced in the legs. Most people who travel a long distance and who sit in their offices for a long time are likely to feel their legs swollen.

Over Weight

Many fats in the body will lead to excess weight gain. Being overweight can worsen the situation In your legs. Weight gain will reduce the size of the blood vessel that is used for blood circulation. Also some people especially obese people may even end up finding that their arteries are blocked. These problems can cause the swelling of their legs due to lack of sufficient flow of blood making fluids to be retained in their legs.


Some of the medication changes such as anti-inflammation, amlodipine, naproxen, oral contraceptives among others may cause the swelling of the legs. When you are under medication and find that swelling occurs in your legs, never worry because you will know that medication might be the cause. Most patients complain about the lower extremity edema.


When your leg swells manageable. Most people are encouraged to drink eight glasses per day to allow flush the body and reduce water being retained in the body. Also, use cold compressor on the affected area to ease the swelling effect.


How to choose a beard shampoo

A beard shampoo is an important item for anyone who wants to keep a long beard. You are not supposed to wash your beard with the normal toilet soap or hair shampoo. It is advisable to use a dedicated beard shampoo to clean your beard. If you use a toilet soap or hair shampoo to clean your beard, then this will cause flaking and itchiness of your beard. You need to use a specific beard wash that has all the ingredients needed to provide the necessary nutrients to the beard. Go to and find a good beard shampoo. There are many beard shampoos available, so you need to take time and choose the best one.

Choosing a good beard shampoo

Cleaning capabilities

The beard is susceptible to all kinds of dirt and dust; it is important to choose a beard shampoo that has cleansing capabilities. This will remove all the dirt and dust that is stuck in your beard and leave it feeling clean. If a beard shampoo cannot clean your beard and remove dirt, then there is no point in using it anymore.


Moisturizing the beard

This might sound absurd when talking about a beard shampoo because we only expect the beard oils to moisturize the beard. However, it is important for the beard to still have some moisturizing ingredients. You will notice that some beard shampoos clean your beard, but they leave it feeling dry. A good beard shampoo should clean your beard, but it should not leave it dry.

Easy to lather

Choose a beard shampoo that is easy to lather. You don’t want to waste time trying to lather your beard. A beard shampoo that lathers easily will clean your beard well. If your beard shampoo lathers easily this is also a sign that you will only need to use a small amount and it will last long.


You can choose a scented or unscented beard shampoo. It all depends on the feeling that you want to get after using your beard shampoo. There are many scents to choose from if you are looking for a scented beard shampoo.



Before buying your beard shampoo take time and look at the ingredients of the shampoo. A good shampoo should have the essential oils that are important in moisturizing and keeping a healthy beard. Some of the essential oils include jojoba oil and almond oil.


Tips For Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Something can be done about high blood pressure in a safe and natural way. It is important to know the risk factors that make vulnerable to having hypertension. It is essential to avoid the adverse health eating habits as its the cause of this condition.

High blood pressure can lead to deadly diseases like heart attack and heart failure. It is vital to know other heart-related problems and heart attack kill without any symptom. Here are the tips to reduce the risk of having a heart related and lowering pressure by having a healthy heart.


Regular exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy heart and lowering blood pressure. cffcfcaAerobic and cardiovascular exercises are the perfect for reducing high blood pressure and for the heart. It is required to exercises regularly to keep a healthy heart, and it is effective to combat heart diseases.

You also need to be on the look for risk factors of hypertension as you are aiming for a healthier heart through exercises. You are prone to hypertension if you are obese or overweight. Hence it is important to lose the unwanted fats and weight if you want to have a healthy heart. Our bodies’ arteries, veins, and capillaries will clog with the presence of bad fats and cholesterol, reducing to an increase in the pressure of blood flow which makes it difficult for your heart to function properly.

Reduce Alcohol And Smoking

It is essential to lower down smoking and alcohol which are the risk factors for this disease.  It is best to avoid them because these two are a great problem to your heart and health. Though hypertension can be inherited from the genes, or you can also get from your parents if they have this condition. But you can just fight it by having a healthy lifestyle and make healthy diet choices.

Processed And Canned Foods

Avoid salty, fast food, processed and canned diet. Also, avoid high fat or cholesterol saturated foods. Excessive salt can lead to hypertension though our bodies need salt. Watch out for table salt and also other salts that are also found in canned and processed goods.

Garlic is said to be the adequate food that will help you to lower the risk of heart attack and hypertension. You can also reduce your blood pressure by using fish oil. It is important to do the right things with treatment although there are other alternative ways to deal with hypertension.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Headaches

Millions of persons around the world get headaches from time to time. A headache is a pain anywhere in the region of the head. The pain is caused by disruption of the pain-sensitive structures located around the brain. It is, therefore, important to get the best remedies available, as much as possible. Also, there are few important tips, which must be typically taken into consideration. A headache is usually a very nervy moment, and if you are getting frequent headaches, it is imperative not to ignore them, because it is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. You should always try your best to get rid of a headache soonest possible. These remedies have been obtained from expert advice only, and there is no guaranteed harm in following them.

Use Cayenne

Cayenne is described as a quite spicy herb. However, it is also well- known in the field of naturopathic, as it is remarkably effective in the treatment of pain and inflammation. Capsaicin is a component that is present in Cayenne which helps in treating the pain present on your head. It is capable of inhibiting a particular substance in your head that usually help you get rid of the pain as quickly as possible.

Eat Almonds

Almonds are effective for headaches since they contain salicin. Salicin is described as a substance that is regarded to be a very natural pain killer. Almonds are ingredients of many over the counter types of pain relievers. The Salicin can also be converted into an acid which can act like aspirin. You consider consuming almonds on a regular basis to get rid of headaches.


Use Of Fever Few Plant

When you are not capable of using any nuts, you can also consider using a plant called the fever few. This plant will help in relaxing your blood vessels in case a migraine attacks you. This, in turn, can give you a pretty quick relief and thus it is a short term option, also capable of being used in the long run as well.

The ACV Or Apple Cider Vinegar

The ACV is an attractive and a natural remedy that is capable of treating any pains including headaches. It is thus used by thousands and millions of people around the globe to relieve pain and treat anything and everything. There are also many scientific types of research that have been conducted in the past, and these have confirmed the safety of ACV and also its varied advantages. Use apple cider vinegar method to get rid of a headache quickly.